My name is Schuyler Cebulskie, and I enjoy developing in many different languages. The ones I use most frequently nowadays are JavaScript, PHP, Rust, and Go, but I have also dabbled in many others.

I'm not just a programmer, but also a gamer, a sysadmin, a homelabber, and basically just a huge all-around nerd.


I've been programming since around 12 years old and have been exploring tech since even earlier than that. Both professional and hobbyist development are important to me, and I believe in the Open Source movement. I strive to learn as much as I can about new technologies and use them to better my code.

Gaming actually led to my passion for development: early on, I discovered the wonders that were WorldEdit, the custom map/scenario editor for WarCraft III. At some point, I started playing with the Trigger Editor inside of it, which was essentially a visual scripting system to build all kinds of snazzy dynamicism into a level. My father was curious about what I was doing, and when I explained, he pointed out to me that I was programming. From those humble beginnings, my enthusiasm for coding grew into an interest in both backend and frontend development.


Online, I have gone by many aliases, including:

  • Gawdl3y
  • SneakymodeEngage
  • orca8767
  • Kuramawhip